A Word from the President

A word from the President

Dear friends of the plastics industry,

I am very honoured to fulfill my new role as President of the Society of Plastic Engineers Québec Section and I will apply myself to grow the SPE in Quebec.

First of all, I would like to emphasize the great work that Marie-France Sosa has done for the last few years and I would like to very sincerely thank her.

The first edition of the North-East conference TOPCON held in Quebec City last month, was a success both in terms of the assistance and the quality of the speakers. I also want to thank the Organizing Committee for the success of this event. They are: Marie-France Sosa, Louis Corriveau, Paul Browitt, Dan Marginson, David Beaumier, Doru Davidescu and Prithu Mukhopadhyay.

My mission for the first year will be to recruit and increase the number of new members and I sincerely believe that to achieve good results everyone will be required to contribute.

We would like greater participation in the activities we organize. For two reasons: The first is to help our members stay abreast of new processes and new applications in industry and also make them aware of environmental concerns.

Secondly, to generate funds for research and education. These funds are used to help young people who ask for subsidies in their research projects or when they want to present their projects to the outside world. You can check the list of recipients on our website. Also part of the funds used to pay for projects that showcase plastics.

We will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Quebec Section in 2017.

I hope to see you soon.

Michel Vinette
President and Golf Director
CCC Plastics

(514) 338-2322
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